Technology is advancing by leaps and bounds today. So many devices. Some practical, others just flat out cool!

Gone are the days of having to change the channel on your black & white televisions’ broken dial with a pair of pliers, thanks to remote controls.
With the touch of a button, we no longer must flip the cassette tape over, fast forward, then flip the tape back over to listen to a song again.

New Bluetooth, Wi-fi and rechargeable devices are being developed for all aspects of life. Some quality, some crap.
My goal is to educate you as much as possible about these products, so you don’t have to be disappointed by purchasing shoddy, cheap knock-offs.

When people ask where you got that, and where they can get one, you can tell them that you know a Guy 😉.


If you would like to have a review done on your product, please ship it to:

The RSI Guy
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