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The science dealing with fermentation and the action of enzymes; enzymology.
Zymurgy (the workings of fermentation), the area of applied science related to fermentation. It deals with the biochemical processes involved in fermentation, with yeast and bacteria selection and physiology, and with the practical issues of fermentation, including brewing, wine making, fermenting milk and other fermented foods. Zymurgy is also known as zymology.

Fermentation can be simply defined, in this context, as the conversion of sugar molecules into ethanol and carbon dioxide by yeast.

C_6 H_{12} O_6 \===> 2 CO_2 + 2C_2 H_5 OH

Picture of a farmer and child making cheese in a yurt, Kazakhstan

1.a person skilled in an applied art; a crafts person.

2.a person or company that makes a high-quality or distinctive product in small quantities, usually by hand or using traditional methods:our favorite local food artisans.

3.pertaining to an artisan or the product of an artisan; artisanal:
artisan beer.
RSI Green Energy Network lab will offer a full range of education in the science of Zymurgy as a way of teaching an Artisan commerce and life style.This life style can also generate an income for the learner and can expand into jobs for the community . This lost art is being revive through The Genesis Urban farm initiative project. Which prime directive is to: “Put our children in the position to succeed in the next generation of local and global competition:
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The process always begins with milk, then either natural bacteria start to work  on the milk, or a stater culture is added. These act on the milk sugar (lactose),converting it into lactic acid.A coagulant is now being added to this hospitable environment, causing the milk protein to  casien to curdle, or coagulate ,forming a solid mass of curds.From there, the curd are cut into a specific size, dependent on the style  of cheese being made. Then they are stirred, drained, and salted, molded or pressed,final ripened or aged.

In the our classes we will start with simple cheeses farmer cheese (cream cheese) then experiments in different flavor cheeses with herbs and seasonings.This is called Queso Blanco  “White cheese” this is a very easy cheese to make and can take n many flavors, made with hole cows milk and coagulated with lemon juice concentrate, you can also use vinegar to start it off too. 

The chemical reactions of the microbes and the sugar, then curds begin to form from the milk and like the God intended. The white curd begins to separate and then the whey is the liquid an can be pored out, or the curd can  be strained out.When your curd is exposed the salt can be added for flavor, NOW YOU GOT CHEESE 



Not all cheese are made as easy as this, but by following our steps out lined in this website your will see that cheese making  will be rewarding and lucrative if you would like to go into business. you will gain knowlege  and understanding  of different type of cheese and begin to study  Artisan craft.


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