My name is Butler A Foster  founder of the RSI Green Energy Network, my background is

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25 years of healthcare experiences, most as a  Nephrology Technician,treating patients with End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) that are on dialysis. I have taken that knowledge and  technology to adapted it to be used in all aspects of  self sustainability.We have successfully assimilated Dialysis technology and adapted it to  service urban farming. Water treatment, Microbiology, chemistry, physics and more, our mission: To expand urban farming to our inner city, schools, community groups ,and churches that are in food desert communities, . We  would like to partner with  programs designed to educate children and young adults, in the areas of urban farming, which include biology, chemistry, botany. We have researched and discovered through trends we have witness , increased incidents of diabetes, obesity and hypertension among children and young adults, in  most communities. We use direct hands on and online, education in the subject of urban farming and renewable energy. Which includes: how food is grown, hydroponics, aquaponics, composting , recycling, harvesting and cooking also renewable energy solar, wind, and hydro power(steam and water). We have  seen successful programs that use direct hands on education approach. RSI Green Energy Network intent is to teach the communities to grow food, for a more diverse eating options for children and their parentsnov 1 2014 256 in your community. A community that have a increasing numbers of hypertension, diabetes, obesity. As a result of these illnesses; kidney disease, blindness, amputations, heart failure are some of the issues and compounded by the fact that  some urban communities  are considered  food deserts this makes it a challenge but a grass roots movement toward better and more affordable eating habits makes the challenge winnable. Our intent is to slow and in some cases reverse the decline of quality and  food and bring fresh produce back to the individual family home.that is  affordable.On this web site we will present our plan, goals and strategies, Education, tips, and resources to be come self sustainable in  your community.  We are asking to partner with you in helping your community build urban farms, starting at your house making available better food choices and a way to combat food borne illnesses. Your property gives us the ability to plant, grow, harvest food from garden to you plate, that is locally grown and fresh. We specialize in the design and the construction of hydroponic, aquaponic and conventional growing methods that lead to a cheaper food source and enhanced life style through healthy eating, of fresh produce, harvested with your own hands or we will help you.




My name is Joy Foster , I have been a Registered Nurse for over 15 years, have worked in most of Critical care units, ER and special areas like Cath Lab, Intervention Radiology.  Between me and my husband we have been traveling medical professionals for 6-9 years.  Our daughter was born in the Big Island in Hawaii in one of my husbands’ travel assignment.  We have enjoyed Hawaii’s family atmosphere, and the many other  places we have been, so as a nurse I understand working the 12 hr shift and the hard work you put into your career.  And now i wanted to share with you what my husband and I  have put together, a website to help you with what we have found to be the most consuming part of  life that is the food you eat and  the amount of exercise. I will explore the trends of heart desease and diet with you from a Clinical prospective please join in the discussion ask about  prevention and  post your ideas and  natural  remedies that will help to prevent heart and vascular disease leading to diabeties and hypertension  that are silent killers  of those who are stricken by these chronic illnesses

Joylene Foster BSN., Traveling RN,  

Editor and Co-founder







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