Full Oasis Organi Dispensary. ( F.O.O.D.)

JEDI XIAOLIN August 13, 2015

URBAN FARMING  education: “In one hour the earth receives enough energy than the entire human race uses in one year” RSI Green Energy Network lab will offer a full range of education in the science of renewable energy AND URBAN FARMING as a way of teaching a self sustaining life style.This life style can also […]

JEDI XIAOLIN April 20, 2015

RSI GREEN ENERGY NETWORK BUILDING A Strong Community A strong community starts at the roots! Your vote could help us receive $20,000! Visit www.seedsofchangegrant.com or the Seeds of Change® Facebook page. Search by entering zip code,60617, or garden name,Genesis Urban Farm Initiative at The Congregational Church of Park Manor,UCC Chicago, IL! The Top 50 organizations […]

JEDI XIAOLIN March 12, 2015

Welcome The pathway to successful urban farming.  We use direct hands on and online, education in the subject of urban farming and renewable energy. Which includes: how food is grown, hydroponics, aquaponics, composting , recycling, harvesting and cooking also renewable energy solar, wind, hydro power and education in internet marketing for  your urban farm  programs  […]

JEDI XIAOLIN March 10, 2015

WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF SELF SUSTAINABILITY—- FIRST BUILD YOUR WEB SITE! You have definitely made the right choice in joining the community here at Wealthy Affiliate. In the coming days and weeks we are going to be showing you how online success works and we will help you realize your own potential within the […]

JEDI XIAOLIN March 4, 2015

!!!!!!PLANT A SEED FEED THE COMMUNITY !!!!!                                                                               ACT URGENTLY GRANT OPPORTUNITIES ARE TIME SENSITIVE FOR 2015 GROW […]

JEDI XIAOLIN February 5, 2015

It’s been 4 years and 4 states 3 different climates and environments, each has presented itself with different environmental challenges. In my growing I have learned a wealth of information that I would like to share with you through my successes and failures.This is the gallery of RSI Green Energy Network lab, urban farming and […]