Green energy network

JEDI XIAOLIN September 8, 2015

Climate and weather is the most important element in the picture of growing anything whether or not it’s indoor or out door climate control  is the work of the gods. You have to have God like power to control your environment, light, air quality and nutrients are all controlled by you. In an outdoor system […]

JEDI XIAOLIN June 3, 2015

RSI GREEN ENERGY NETWORK  This is the ultimate green portable power source, whether camping or in an emergency.  This will help complete your emergency preparedness. Charge the internal battery via 5 built-in solar panels, which fold out from the top of the unit and roll out from either side. Use power harnessed from the sun […]

JEDI XIAOLIN January 23, 2015

  General Description Butler A. Foster of RSI Green Energy Network are proposing Genesis Urban Farm Initiative to deliver the Food Oasis Urban Farms. these systems allows you to produce lots of fish and produce, for schools, churches and community groups. The Food Oasis Urban Farms also offer educational, training and commercial opportunities in the […]