JEDI XIAOLIN June 1, 2015

CHEESE Part 3 MOLDING, AND PRESSING WE will explore the mold  shaping and pressing of the curd which will give you the amount of moisture the cheese will have. Moisture in cheese tells you how soft hard the cheeses will be, like cook ware, spending money on these tools are necessary very hard to make  […]

JEDI XIAOLIN May 28, 2015

ZYMURGY CHEESE  MAKING EQUIPMENT  part 2   Getting started making cheese is the best part of cheese making gathering all of your equipment you start to see and feel the spirit and the future of your artisan-ship come to life, you can  take much of your basic equipment  from your kitchen arsenal of pot and […]

JEDI XIAOLIN May 27, 2015

Zymurgy Lab Cheese Making   WHAT IS ZYMURGY? 1.Biochemistry The science dealing with fermentation and the action of enzymes; enzymology. Zymurgy (the workings of fermentation), the area of applied science related to fermentation. It deals with the biochemical processes involved in fermentation, with yeast and bacteria selection and physiology, and with the practical issues of […]