The G.E.N.A. education project

JEDI XIAOLIN April 21, 2015

RSI GREEN ENERGY NETWORK ACADEMY G.E.N.A THE URBAN GROWFLEET OF RSI GREEN ENERGY NETWORK ACADEMY IS THE OPERATION AND IMPLEMENTATION ARM OF THE FOOD OASIS ORGANIC DISPENSARY F.O.O.D SYSTEMS . The training of the cadets will be to work in the industry of urban farming and agriculture. This is to secure, protect, and provide the […]

JEDI XIAOLIN April 7, 2015

Get Started————————–> Growing your own food is easy, once you’ve done your prep and planning firs.. you will be successful with a beautiful season and yield. This is lesson 1 from RSI Green Energy Network G.E.N.A. education program…. How To Sow seed ? 1) Choose the right location or the the safest site (Do this […]

JEDI XIAOLIN March 20, 2015

  Renewable Energy Renewable energy education: “In one hour the earth receives enough energy than the entire human race uses in one year” RSI Green Energy Network lab will offer a full range of education in the science of renewable energy as a way of teaching a self sustaining life style.This life style can also […]

JEDI XIAOLIN March 8, 2015

Plant-based activities, gardening, and environmental studies provide great opportunities for implementing National and State Science Education Standards. Such opportunities go far beyond the basic study of plants themselves to include life cycles, ecosystems, soil, weather, organisms, and many science process skills such as measuring, charting, collecting data, and reporting. Choose a grade: K : 1 : 3 : 4 : 5 : 6 : 7 : 8 Kindergarten Life Science […]

JEDI XIAOLIN February 16, 2015

The G.E.N.A.  Education Project   Lesson 1   RSI Network  presents: ” The Botany of Desire” Growing your own food is easy, once you’ve done your prepp and planing  a beautiful  garden season and  pleasing yields. This is lesson one from RSI :Green Energy Network Academy (G.E.N.A.) education program.. Get Started————————–>   1) Choose the […]

JEDI XIAOLIN January 23, 2015

THE $140 WIND TURBINE: Because of the high cost of sustainable technology, the Do It Yourself movement is now becoming popular. In order to help you build your own affordable wind turbine out of recycled materials and cheap buys, we have assembled an instructional manual. Wind power is a long-term investment that will stay with […]