Because of the high cost of sustainable technology,
the Do It Yourself movement is now becoming
popular. In order to help you build your own
affordable wind turbine out of recycled materials and
cheap buys, we have assembled an instructional
Wind power is a long-term investment that will stay
with you for many years. You can save even more
than you would from buying a retail wind turbine
system that could cost thousands of dollars, by
following the instructions in this guide and
constructing your own turbine out of affordable

Wind turbines share five common attributes:
1. Generator
2. Blades and Hub
3. Mounting
4. Tower
5. Control Panel


One of the most critical parts of the wind turbine is
the generator. The responsibility of the generator is
to take the power from the blades and turn it into
usable energy. The generator produces direct
current (DC) and will power DC appliances or AC
power when an inverter is used. We will talk more
about inverters later in the guide.
The above picture is of the 30 VDC Ametek motor
that we used. There are several DC motor

available, without going through the complication of
building your own generator.
A motor rated for 325 RPM at 30 Volts, when used as
a generator, can be expected to produce 12+ Volts at
a reasonably low RPM.


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