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GoSun solar cooker and solar cooler preview. CES 2019.

GoSun solar, as seen at CES 2019, makes products environmentally friendly and useful to everyone. Everyone that eats cooked food and everyone who enjoys a cool beverage. Which is just about everyone.

Their solar cooker can cook meat, fish or whatever is on the menu, without the need for propane, charcoal or wood as a fuel source. As the name states, solar power is used to heat that sweet meat to perfection. Vegetarians aren’t left out of this party, because cooking your greens can also be completed with this device. Even if your desired food isn’t done by sundown, with the internal workings of their solar cooker, you’ll be able to finish preparing your meal. So, there is no need to worry about having raw meats or veggies or going to sleep for the night with empty bellies because your food is done.

The GoSun coolers also store solar power for several hours after sunset keeping cool what needs to be kept cool and fresh. No electrical outlets, generators or the need to replenish bags of ice while you’re out and about enjoying nature.

These products are also a good backup for your home needs as well if there is a power outage or disruption in the flow of cooking gas. While you may not consider yourself a ‘prepper’, having the ability to cook food and keep items cool in case of emergency, is just plain smart.

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