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Lesson 1

  RSI Network  presents: ” The Botany of Desire”

Growing your own food is easy, once you’ve done your prepp and planing  a beautiful  garden season and  pleasing yields. This is lesson one from RSI :Green Energy Network Academy (G.E.N.A.) education program..

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1) Choose the right  location  or the the safest site (Do this in your garden  and you will increase your success in you gardening)Whether  you grow your garden in the ground  in containers or hydroponically the choosing the right site is important.Sun is the most important part to a successfully garden. 6 hrs of light is the minimum requirement to grow some plants. Plants that  grow under ground and with fruits tend to require 8hrs sun than plants that leafy.

2)Your grow medium is what holds your nutrients and stabilize your plants, The health of your soil is the next consideration to consider when planing a garden, or using a F.O.O.D. system. For hydroponics , Hydro-ton , Rock-wool , gravel, lave rock,and pebbles. For containers,—pea moss, garden soil, and traditional farming which is seed in the ground.How does it drain, and do the water pools or dam up? Always test your soil every year for toxins and ph.

3)Water well, irrigation of a garden is the third important grow tip that is vital to all plant growing, water delivers  to the plant nutrients that is vital to a  plants size and  yields. If planting new grow beds, slightly dampen the soil, then  big to a depth of about  to inches, breaking up  large dirt clods and  remove stones. Spend  3 to 4 inches of compost (make it your self) over the bed  and add an organic fertilizer according to label instruction mix all of the  amendments evenly into the soil, then level the ground Water well and let the imporoved soil settle for a few day before planting .Where soil is extremely poor, plant in raised beds or containers.




4) Edibles pull nutrients from the soil, water, and air. But while they are growing they generally need a supplemental boost, especially if they’re grown in containers we recommend using organic  fertilizer,  particular for edible  gardens. they release their nutrients more slowly into the soil Chemical  fertilizers which dissolved in water, act faster than organic, but most do not last as long in the soil. whatever you choose to use be sure to follow package direction carefully.

Next  Week:  we will talk about what to plant and  growing for seed  or trasnplant???HMMMM

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