Green Remedy is located in Richmond Ca., and is the place for great service and knowledgeable  people to give you exactly what you need to get the relief you what.The staff  are pleasant to the eye, and maintain a professional rapore with you in a relaxed environment. And make NO mistake the inventory includes some of the most famous of the strands such as Tangie, Purple Cush to name a few. So you will get the real deal like a fine wine….or cheese…..but with the precision of a pharmacist,

Green Remedy is located in Richmond Ca ARE PROFESSIONALS ,in helping you find the best cannabis for pain , appetite, and general stimulus to get through the day respond to chronic illnesses and conditions…






STRAIN—->TANGIE: 21% to 22% THC

For $55 1/8 Tangie is a smooth tasting  and high potent strand that for the daily user keeps you functional and simulated. This is not for the first timers or for the casual smokers and NOT FOR TEENAGERS OF ANY KIND…But if you are in pain acute or chronic back pain and still need to function, doing activities of daily living, Tangie can stimulate you to get the job done….It has a potent aroma and great after taste… will definitely enjoy the flavor person smoke a 1/8 =1 week of avg. daily use…






Lychee is a the mellow strain that allows you to deal with pain in a veggie state….This strain is another great tasting  cannabis, with a great after taste too. It is not harsh to the smoke….A good strain for beginners and those that weekend smokers….Green Remedy offers many great strains…..check them out today !!!


What’s better than an icy hit from your pipe after a long day of working hard?  With this Three Monkey Designs Tree Perc Water Pipe, you can get a massive rip of frost thanks to the upper glycerin coil, attached by a keck clip so that you can stick it in the freezer for a nice chill.  Designed for dry herbs, this pipe sports an 18.8mm female joint and comes packaged with a deep flower bowl. Your smoke will enjoy the extra filtration provided by an inline perc at the base and tree perc in the fat can.  This pipe is sandblasted with the Three Monkey Designs logo with a black glass whip.  Perfect for a hot summer’s day or a quick lunch break treat.CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS







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