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Home biogas production preview. CES 2019.

Home biogas as figured out something I think was long overdue and they showcased it at CES 2019.

Over the years while sitting on the throne, I’ve wondered if there are any uses for the stinky logs other than filling up sewer systems or septic tanks. Our waste is gross when you think about it, but it’s a natural process all animals go through. Home biogas has developed a composting system to utilize our bodily waste, pet waste, farm animal waste, and food scraps to make methane cooking gas.

The rig resembles a small tent that is built to withstand temperatures from about freezing on up to 90 degrees or so. For areas with climates that dip below or go above these temperatures, a small utility shed is recommended to keep it in, so the elements won’t be an issue. There is a tube to deposit the waste materials and it can also be connected to a toilet, so you don’t have to crap in a bucket, then need to make a messy transfer.

For anyone living the off-grid lifestyle or attempting to minimize your dependence on dwindling, overpriced state services, a renewable system such as Home biogas is right up your alley. Cooking your meals or heating water with your waste materials is the way to go if, or should I say, when resources become limited. Repurposing waste materials into usable resources is what we need more of as a society.

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