How to buy Gold online



The  hidden secrets  of  Money vs Currency

History of Gold The “Why”

Gold has been used for decorative  or for transaction between men   for almost a millennia. Gold has never  stopped being in demand, due to it’s rarity. It is beautiful and its physical  property  makes  it an exceptional  metal also gold does not corrode, it does not oxidize and does not  tarnish…..

Gold has the best conductivity for  electronics,  its especially  good for electronics. Gold is a very conductive metal,  one ounce of gold about 31g can produce an 8 km long wire. Gold is very flexible, gold became money because of its rarity. Only 7 metals known in the ancient world, iron,copper,tin,mercury, silver. Gold is a safe value that is universally recognized. The first gold coins were found in Persia in 6 century BC. The main Central Bank consider gold,the ultimate refuge in the event of a crisis and continue to hold tens of thousands of gold coins. Today,gold is quotable, the worlds main stock markets.

Two side of the ancient world, one side of the world gold was for currency. On the other side gold was used for objects and worship.


Demand is much higher than supply, production has been falling regularly

since 2000. S. AFRICA is at lowest production since 1972 while Australia is at its lowest production for 13 years. India has been responsible for 30% of the global consumption on its own and has enjoyed record growth for several years. With China catching up quickly since retail investment have been growing and regulations for the gold market


When selecting a deal it is important to be aware of its pricing policy

  1. . Investors should calculate the following for the bar weight that they intend to buy. The bar premium above the value of its fine gold content.The reason for this is that it gives some indicator of the premium reductions that could occur in the event of a market situation where buying backs exceed sales and the dealer may be obliged to buy back bars at the scrap gold price.
  2. The spread between the bars purchase and sell back price. The reason for this is that given some indication of the current premium reduction if you were to sell the bar back to the dealer.
  3. When bars are sold by a dealer, the premium normally includes the following cost: refining bar manufacture delivery of the dealer and dealer overheads.2016-11-28


  1. Does the dealer have a good reputation?
  2. Is the bar well known in your country
  3. What is the current gold prices?
  4. Calculate the % premium (mark-up);above the current value of its fine gold content
  5. What is the quoted price if you were to sell back gold bar
  6. Calculate the spread-the difference between the purchase and self-back price of the bar
  8. Are the bars allocated or allocated: what are the storage cost?
  9. DELIVERY- What is the delivery and insurance cost?
  10. OTHER COST Are there any transactions related to cost;for example taxes


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