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Inkbird IRF-4S Remote Meat Thermometer

All your meats need to be fully cooked to get the full flavor and no illnesses from being raw. This Inkbird IRF 4S, digital wireless, a meat thermometer can keep the temperature of up to four meats simultaneous or three types of meat and the ambient temperature of your grill, drum, smoker or oven with the included grate clamp.

This device is for indoor and outdoor use. The connections for the probes into the remote unit are recessed with snug covers, so even in the rain, this device will work. The Inkbird IRF 4S registers temperatures from 32 degrees to 572 degrees Fahrenheit and stays accurate within 2 degrees of the actual temperature. There is a magnetic back on the remote unit so it will always stay put when you attach it to your grill or smoker.

The wireless range is listed up to 1500ft, but that range is reduced when the monitor is taken indoors and interference from walls are in between the monitor and remote unit. For safety, the probes come with plastic caps to cover the sharp-tipped probes when they are not in use.

The Inkbird IRF 4S comes preprogrammed for eight types of meat: beef; lamb; chicken; pork, veal, ground beef, ground poultry, and fish. It has timers that count up and down, for your timing and flavor needs. You can also choose the doneness of your meats, be it rare, medium, medium rare or well done. The unit is USB rechargeable with one charge lasting about 60 hours. You’ll be able to read the digital display in all conditions because of its backlighting feature. This unit will also alarm you if the oven, grill, smoker or drum temperature falls below or goes above the temperatures you program.

At the cost of about $75, this is a good tool to have if you are the pitmaster of your domain.


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