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Jack and Ferdie app CES 2019 preview

I’ll be the first to admit that reviewing apps isn’t really my thing, but this dude was so accommodating, and I’m interested in what his app will do, so I’ll show him some love.

Have you ever had to travel for business alone and have some downtime to kill? Or travel on business with co-workers who want to do lame activities outside of work hours you want no part of? Yes, I’ve been there also.

When gearing up for a business trip, most minds are on the business at hand and don’t take time before the trip to research leisure activities in your destination city. The Jack & Ferdie app alleviates the last-minute searches and rating reviews by finding the intersection of your interests and the local offerings, saving time and frustration on figuring out where to go or what to do. They call it Bleisure, a mashup of business and leisure.

The purpose of apps is to solve problems in the palm of your hand and this Bleisure app won’t be for everyone. For those within its niche market though, it may be an asset as long as it works as advertised. Like many CES 2019 exhibitors, the product isn’t ready for general public release yet, so the effectiveness of this app won’t be known for a while. If your app browsing one day in the near future and come across the Jack & Ferdie Bleisure app, let me know.



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