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NomadPlug international power plug adaptor preview. CES 2019.

Have you ever been on an international trip and tried to plug in one of your devices into the wall outlet only to find the hole configuration that doesn’t match your plug? Then spend several minutes looking at your plug and the outlet trying to figure out just what in the heck is going on? Yup, me too.

One of the new products showcased at CES 2019 makes any wall outlet compatible internationally to supply the juice you need to recharge your devices. The Nomad international power plug adaptor enables you to keep your mind on the business at hand or being able to relax and enjoy your vacation in whatever foreign land you may be visiting. It’s such a small thing to think of while traveling, as many of us take for granted that outlets are outlets and our plugs will fit. When you find out that, you must take the time to find a local store to purchase an adaptor. The time that takes away from the business at hand or crimps your touring schedule. In the event your traveling to multiple international destinations, this equates to more time and expenses not budgeted for, to make sure your able to recharge the devices you’re relying on for work or pleasure.

We’ve become so reliant on our laptops; tablets; cell phones; cameras; mp3 players etc., that not being able to recharge them becomes detrimental to being able to function. Sheer anxiety overcomes us when we see those battery levels depleting, then panic when we get those low battery warnings when we don’t know how or where to find a source to recharge them. These feelings of helplessness are compounded when the devices we need to recharge are of the medical variety and necessary for your physical health.

One thing to remember before your trip concludes, unplug and pack your Nomad plug. Don’t have that moment as your boarding the flight home where instead of fretting over if you left the iron on or not, you’re overcome with dread that the hotel room you just checked out of has a new apparatus thanks to your forgetfulness.

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