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Selfly personal drone camera preview. CES 2019.

It’s nifty how the people at Selfly designed their light-weight camera drone to fold flat like they did, for ultimate portability. In your purse or pocket, you’ll always have your personal, levitating photographer. There won’t be many cool action shots missed, because of all the technology incorporated into this little device. Do you remember the size and weight of the old Polaroid cameras with the one-time use flashbulbs? Ha, it didn’t even have flight or video capabilities.

You should definitely be the first one on your block to own one of these Selfly camera drones. Imagine the looks of confusion, turning into envy, you’ll get from those old-timers still using selfie-sticks. You’ll be the only A-lister with your own personal paparazzi autonomously flying along as you enjoy your selected activities. Never again will you have worry about your camera being stolen by some ‘nice’ stranger running off after offering to take your picture while on vacation.

Having the pleasure of interviewing the CEO of Selfly at CES 2019, I got a first-hand demonstration of how this camera-drone operates, and insight as to how popular they believe these gizmos will be. You heard it here first boys and girls, this is one of those items to come along that not only will you personally enjoy, it will also make an awesome gift.

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