It’s  been  years and  many growing  different climates and environments, each has presented itself with different environmental challenges. In my growing I have learned a wealth of information that I would like to share with you through my successes and failures.This is the gallery of RSI Green Energy Network lab, urban farming and gardening hydroponics, aquaponics, container gardening traditional gardening indoor and outdoor. For anyone who are reading this for the first time, and is considering a rooftop, front-yard or backyard garden, Don’t worry I will walk you through and design it for you if you live in the Seattle area (within 25miles) we can FARM-SCAPE  YOUR  PROPERTY. To allow you to produce from your back yard a “Farmacy” of fresh vegetables and sustainable food source that is fresh and symbiotic relationship  between you and your food source. Do you know where your food comes from? After we are done working together we can say yes together.

2010 Hawaii——>

In 2010 I built my first garden lab on the Big Island in Hawaii the ground was made up of lava rock all over so it made for a natural hydroponic environment. in my patches I built I used moss from Home Depot which made a natural compost what a combination.It very successful.


2011 august———>

San Pedro was tricky we had to build our labs with little or no space just a patio but 8 long hours of sun this is when we experimented with different configurations of hydroponics vertical configurations and container gardening combos. Meaning what combination of vegetables grow best together. I will publish our finding in later post.

2012 San Pedro——–>

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heirloom seeds

August——–> 2013

Being stationed at home Chicago I was 20 miles outside the city being reduced to just three months of grow season made me think about what can we do now? Being in Hawaii and California gave me a luxury of warm all year long the coldest temp was 45 and my hydroponics still was able to produce leafy vegetables even in the winter.Now living in the Midwest where temps get to well below freezing….What to do? Well stay tuned and read my post on the indoor garden lab we created just for the winter months which gave us a real head start on the spring planting……stay tuned….





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