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Watergen humidity extractor preview. CES 2019.

Watergen has created one of the most useful line of products EVER! At CES 2019, I tasted water (H2O) that was made from the humidity in the air, and it tasted good, like clean, fresh water. Their line of small, medium and large sized units are already in use on several continents that have a long history of draughts or places with non-drinkable water.

Sadly, I think these water makers will be of much use in the domestic United States in both urban and rural locations. Flint, MI is infamous for the high lead content in the city supplied water from outdated pipes. This is not the only city with lead and other toxins being pumped into homes for daily consumption. The water purification and delivery infrastructure of many areas are contaminated with all sorts of cancer and other illness-causing agents. While toilet bowl water may not be as much of a concern because we don’t consume it, kitchen and bathroom faucets are delivers of poison. Yes, bathtubs and shower-heads are also unwitting accomplices to the utter ridiculously poor water quality.

In rural locations, people are forced to purchase bottled water because the wells where their water is pumped from are also known to be contaminated with stuff you do not want to ingest. When you must let the water run for a few moments until all the brownish goop rinses through, it’s not a good sign. While understanding this, water plays a role in so many aspects, it’s almost impossible to avoid being in contact with it. Brushing your teeth, bathing, showering, doing dishes and laundry all require water that usually doesn’t come from the bottled variety. It comes directly from the tap. Watering your grass and plants with tap water isn’t bad because we don’t eat those, but what about gardens? We eat these fruits and vegetables. What’s in them, goes into our bodies.

Utilizing a cost-effective renewable method to produce clean water seems like a no-brainer. Yet the way our leaders, the powers that be, are so in love with black energy sources and in denial about global warming, it may only be as a last resort we use systems like Watergen to keep everyone hydrated. They will also claim there is no money to pay to upgrade the infrastructure, so individuals may want to investigate Watergen for a unit to provide water for your family and if they are willing to split the costs, your neighbors.

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